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Retiree Health Cost Estimator

Your Personal Information

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Marital Status  
Current Age
Height (feet and inches)
Weight (lbs.)
Chronic health condition
Ongoing prescriptions usage

Your Financial Information

Future assumptions
Future assumptions   You Spouse
Expected retirement age (or current age if already retired)
Planned retirement state
Expected years in retirement before death
Health plan information
Health plan information   You Spouse
Medicare eligibility at age 65?
Employer sponsored medical insurance in retirement?
How much does your Pre-65 plan cover?
How much do you pay for Pre-65 coverage per month?
How much does your Post-65 plan cover?
How much do you pay for Post-65 coverage per month?
Personal health care savings?
Health care savings balance?
Funding per year? (Include your funding as well as employer funding, if any)
Savings Growth Before Retirement?
Savings Growth During Retirement?



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${{outputs.resultsTab.retirementgapCompressed}} ({{outputs.resultsTab.retirementgappercabsFormatted}}%) Surplus at Retirement Dollar Gap at Retirement

Results Details
Cost at retirement
with no coverage
Your future
Value of Medicare
   {{outputs.resultsTab.medicarecoverageFormatted }}
Value of employer-sponsored coverage    {{outputs.resultsTab.employercoverageFormatted}}
Value of HSA dollars    {{outputs.resultsTab.hsadollarFormatted}}
Total {{outputs.resultsTab.totalcostsFormatted}} {{outputs.resultsTab.totalresourcesFormatted }}


Results Summary
Your Cost {{outputs.resultsTab.totalcostsFormatted}}
Your Resources – {{outputs.resultsTab.totalresourcesFormatted}}
Surplus ($) Dollar Gap ($) = {{outputs.resultsTab.retirementgapabsFormatted}}
Surplus (%) Dollar Gap (%)
({{outputs.resultsTab.retirementgapabsFormatted}} ÷ {{outputs.resultsTab.totalcostsFormatted}})


Annual Values

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Year Total Cost ER Cost Share Medicare Cost Share Savings Individual Responsibility
{{item.year}} {{item.totalcostFormatted}} {{item.erFormatted}} {{item.medicareFormatted}} {{item.hsaFormatted}} {{item.individualFormatted}}


Important: This tool is designed for information purposes only and does not constitute advice. You should consult with a financial professional on your individual situation.

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